• Welcome to RC LESU
    Welcome to RC LESU
    RCLESU will introduce more engineering series models and truck models in the future
  • LESI 1/14 Aoue-SK500 crawler excavator
    LESI 1/14 Aoue-SK500 crawler excavator
  • 1/14 C374 huge excavator
    1/14 C374 huge excavator
    Equipped with 6-channel reversing valve, rated 10 MPa high pressure hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil radiator, metal tubing, etc.
  • 1/14 Benz three-way dump truck
    1/14 Benz three-way dump truck
    6X6 with differential lock axle. Three-speed high-torque gearbox and more. Please visit the product page for details.
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LESU Model is a manufacturer specialized in manufacturing simulation models and related products, she is one of the earliest companies to manufacture 1/14 truck OP accessories in China.

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LESU Model production of high-quality truck models of different types and proportions. The simulation degree is in an advanced position in the model industry and far exceeds the requirements of users.

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Fast-forward to today LESU Model has become the leading model manufacturing company in China and the production base of well-known brand models at home and abroad.



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