1/14 Scania 8X8 hydraulic dump truck LS-20130002 RCLESU-complete truck-PRODUCTS-Manufacturer simulation models

1/14 Scania 8X8 hydraulic dump truck LS-20130002 RCLESU

RCLESU 1/14 hydraulic dump truck Scania 8X8 full drive dump truck model high torque

Configuration includes body, sound and light system, lighting system, ESC, steering gear, motor
The remote control is separately purchased and commissioned. & battery separately available. Remote control requires 8 channels or more
Electronic steering gear, shift servo, lock differential servo, 540 power motor, sound system, lighting system, hydraulic motor, power ESC, hydraulic ESC and other electronic equipment are standard for shipment. If you need high-performance electronic equipment, you can replace it yourself.
Features: Fast and slow high torque planetary gearbox. A central differential transfer case is used. Time-sharing eight-drive. Guaranteed overload. Steering control. Poor road conditions can exert its good strength. The newly designed four-axle transaxle features a remote differential lock for added fun.
Electronic equipment: The sound system adopts the familiar 3T sound group, and the sound is excellent. The special lighting is matched with it, which shows the simulation degree of the car. Hydraulic power is brushless motor, The hydraulic cylinder is a stainless steel 5-section hydraulic cylinder
The overall vehicle size is: 70cm long, 20cm wide and 25cm high.