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1/14 Carter C374 Heavy Excavator BA-B0001 Model

RCLESU heavy duty Carter C374F large excavator model extra large digging shovel (digging three shovel can fill a truck)

Excavator is equipped with electronic equipment; no sound, light, battery, remote control

Net weight: 58 kg, the weight of the box is 4KG. The package weight is 33KG

Packaged size: 630*590*270MM.

Material: The main material is stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy.

Body size: as shown below

The largest working radius: as shown below

Bucket size: as shown

Power supply voltage: use 2S battery or 3S. Battery compartment space: length 150MM × width 50MM × thickness 25MM.
Hydraulic pump: LESU high pressure pump, rated pressure over 8 megawatts, with overflow valve. The pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of the car. Flow rate 400ml/min

Valve: high-power three-way valve
Excavator reserved spare modified hydraulic 6-pipe
The excavator is equipped with a heat sink, hydraulic oil radiator air-cooled cooler: